Guidelines to Get Successful Hair transplant in Punjab

Guidelines to Get Successful Hair transplant in Punjab

    It is necessary to know the condition and reason behind hair loss while you are thinking to get the hair transplant surgery.

    Hair loss condition is increasing day by day in both sexes of each age group. And this is the condition which happens once in a lifetime in every person’s life. Sometimes, it can cure itself but the majority of times you need to go through hair transplant surgery.

    Let’s understand everything about hair loss prior to a hair transplant.

    Hair Loss Problem In Punjab

    No doubt, everyone leads to technology because it gives you more benefits but advancements in technology also have downsides. In this technical or modern era, no one has much to spend on their health so that they can lead a healthy lifestyle. Due to this, they encounter so many problems in which hair loss in on peak. There are several causes of hair loss which we will understand in the next step.

    Causes of Hair Loss In Punjab

    There are several causes of hair loss in both sexes, in which genetic factors and hormonal changes are on the top. In addition to this, you can experience this condition due to unhealthy diet, poor lifestyle habits, and certain medical conditions or if you are going through cancer treatment. These are not only causes of hair fall in Punjab, but the environmental factors are also responsible for this condition. In order to get the hair loss treatment, you need to understand these reasons behind your condition.

    Treatment for Hair Loss

    As we mentioned above hair transplantation procedure gives you better results with a permanent solution. But you need to understand the process of this procedure, additionally, hair transplantation procedure has 4 steps which include preparation of donor area, collecting hair from the donor area, preparing the collected grafts, and transplantation to the affected area.

    Hair Transplant Procedures In Punjab

    There are two types of methods of hair transplantation such as FUE and FUT. Which are additionally known as Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation. You need to understand both these methods if you want to get the best results of hair transplantation process.


    Another name of FUT is Follicular Unit Transplantation, which is a traditional method to treat hair loss problem. And this is the treatment which is done through stripping or harvesting method which further results in scarring.

    In order to remove scars, researchers find new method known as FUE hair transplant.


    FUE is additionally known as Follicular Unit Extraction method and this is the method which gives you permanent results with no scarring.

    Moreover, you have to choose the hair transplantation method according to hair loss cause and condition as well.