Hair All Gone, Well Read Here to Know How to Prevent Baldness

Hair All Gone, Well Read Here to Know How to Prevent Baldness

    1) Prescribed medicines

    There are many medicines available which help in increasing the blood flow along with the nutrient intake up to the hair follicles. It has been proved that the medicines can cause hair to regrow, but can also result in irritation along with allergy. It can be bought from a medical shop and no need to get it signed/prescribed from the doctor, your shopkeeper can give you without the prescription, only. Many medicines work on hormone DHT, causing hair follicles to decrease in size, before falling off. Not all medicines can be found worldwide, you get different medicines. Many medicines have been found to have erectile dysfunction.

    2) use of laser comb

    A study revealed that after applying laser comb across scalp thrice a week, the hair growth was tremendous. The full function of the comb is yet to be understood, but, it is better to use low power lasers, as they have an antioxidant effect on hair.

    3) Switch to other hair care products

    There can be hair loss due to many gels and other styling products, as we all know that chemicals on these products stick on the scalp and get trapped, which further prevents the hair from growing. Extra use of gels should be avoided, as much a possible and products with minimum chemicals should be used.

    4) Anything hot should be avoided

    Hot showers cause damage to the scalp, by clearing the scalp and hair of the oils that are essential for their protection, causing dryness, no evidence done shows hot showers lead to hair loss, but many believe that the scalp gets inflammation, which further leads to thinning of hair.

    5) Go and buy the other shampoo for yourself

    DHT helps hair loss, and most of the shampoos can help in preventing this. One should go for organic products.