Hair as a feature on us

Hair as a feature on us

    We see hair in the chest for the case of man; we see pubic hair in both men and women right from the age of puberty or before, hair on our legs and also on the hands.

    For hair to grow there must be a protein we call keratin. It develops right through the skin to the outer parts of our bodies. Hair can be used as an indicator for changes in our bodies whereby it can grow fast, slowly or retard.

    • The hair on our heads completes our looks and enhances our beauty
    • Hair on the other parts protects us from harsh weather conditions like winter by helping us get warm
    • Hair in our noses filters the air we breathe

    How our hair is affected

    The rate of its growth depends on us or genetics. Normally, when we have a good diet full of proteins, calcium vitamins and iron the hair will grow well. Take a look at malnourished children, in most cases their hair is thin and few on the head.

    We also have to admit to the fact that there are people with more and good quality hair regardless of whether they eat well or not but this is mostly genetically caused.

    Our hormones also indicate the growth of it for example in pregnant women, they may lose hair in that period but it will grow back after a given period of time. Having stress and depression will increase hair fall and also affect its growth so eat and sleep well to help your hair grow.

    There are other factors like treatments and weather climate characterized with excessive pollution that can hinder the growth of our hair.

    Hair on our heads

    As years go by, many of the men and women are losing hair something that was not the case in the past. It was mostly seen in old people but these days men from the age of 20 and above are attacked by baldness. Women from teenage years are experiencing hair fall.

    Many are now resorting to hair transplant surgeries for solutions and it has done more good than harm. FUE and FUT are the commonly used methods to get back lost hair. In FUE an instrument is used extract hair from the donor site to the recipient side while in FUT a strip is taken from the donor site and follicles fixed in the recipient gap after their separation

    There is also the availability of good equipments for the procedures and in addition to this; there are experts and well experienced doctors who have made research in this field

    Hair surgeries have resolved people’s hair problems but this should also be applied in non surgical methods by using natural hair products to improve our hair and our diet should contain all the necessary body nutrients.