Hair Loss Causes and Solutions

Hair Loss Causes and Solutions

    Human hair or strands look beautiful only if they are dense, healthy and waving. Every one wishes for such kind of hair. hair loss just change their wishes into anxiety as the loss of crown glory dent their appealing look and even make then to look older than age.

    Healthy and stunning hair can give reason to everyone flaunt but there are many causes that change the valuable assets into liabilities.

    Reasons for the hair loss

    Genetic reasons

    Genes can cause the bald patches and thinning of hair. In very young age male and even females inherit the bald genes from the father and mother’s family. This kind of hair loss is called male pattern hair loss and female pattern hair loss. However the male and female the hair loss can be different as the men suffer from the receding hair line and female can suffer from thinning of hair on the entire head.

    Hormonal imbalance

    This can be second major reasons for the hair loss is disturbance of the hormonal level in the body. Such as the androgens that are male sex hormones level if get increase in the level  of DHT that is main cause for the loss of scalp hair.

    Due to radiation and chemotherapy

    Cancer patient loss their hair follicles not only from the scalp but also from the body parts as the radiations and waves of chemotherapy push the hair follicles into premature shedding phase.

    Thyroid problem

    Due to disorder of thyroid gland the folic acid and protein absorption in the body get disturbed that becomes the reason for hair loss

    Prolonged stress and illness

    Some traumatic conditions and  illness can cause the hair loss as due to accidents , surgeries and even due to some death of close one the stress engulf the body and that push the hair follicles into the resting phase and cause the hair loss. Although this can be temporary one but still it is quite common problem

    Solutions for hair loss

    Home based

    There can be many home based solutions for the hair loss like the proper diet full of nutrients and even the proper nourishment of hair with oil massage and cleaning of scalp and hair along with pampering hair by applying the hair masks

    Non surgical solutions

    In medical science there are many non surgical solutions like the medications, PRP therapy and stem cell therapy that can stimulate the hair growth and control the alopecia up to great extent.

    Surgical treatment

    Hair transplant is the surgical solution mostly suitable after the age of 21 with the controlled hair loss. Hair follicles are transplanted after extracting from the fertile and healthy part of scalp for natural and permanent growth.