Hair Loss Causes, Symptoms And Prevention

Hair Loss Causes, Symptoms And Prevention

    Hairs rule over the head and give crown feeling to person so it is obvious to worry when someone start to see more hair on comb or towel than on the head. Loss of few hair a day is quite normal but when this count increase then it is time to  take it seriously,


    • Gradual thinning of hair
    • Bald patches on crown
    • Hair fall in bunches
    • Scaly patch that lead to hair loss in case of ringworm
    • During radiation or chemotherapy patient can loss full body hair


    There are several reasons that contribute to the problem of hair loss such as

    • Male or female pattern baldness is caused by the genetic reasons or the family history either of paternal or maternal.
    • Hormonal changes due to many reasons like menopause, pregnancy , child birth and PCOS can lead to hair loss
    • Scalp infections or the ringworms also cause hair loss on the scaly patches
    • Side effects of some medications also cause the hair loss like birth control pills
    • Some disorders like thyroid and immune system can also affect adversely to the hair follicles
    • Radiations and chemotherapies can lead to loss of full body hair


    There are certain things that you can do to keep safe you hair that you have

    • Eat healthy diet enriched with protein and amino acids
    • Treat your hair with care like use wide teeth combs , do not comb on wet hair
    • Avoid the tight braids and styles
    • Avoid the heating tools like curling irons, dryers that can suck moisture of your hair
    • Limit the use of hair care products that contain harsh chemicals
    • Choose the right shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type
    • Do oil massage in correct manner with gentle fingers and in sufficient amount two or three spoons
    • Apply hair mask at least once in a month for nourishment of your hair