Hair loss due to PCOS in women and treatment

Hair loss due to PCOS in women and treatment

    Hair loss has become an embarrassing and frustrating situation for both genders. This problem occurs due to genetic and non-genetic factors. Females with PCOs can also suffer hair loss issues. Here in this topic, we are going to discuss how hair loss occurs due to PCOs along with its treatment in detail.

    Hair loss issues are considered one of the worst dreams for both genders especially for females as hairs are an important component of the body which enhances the appearance of the person. There are ample reasons behind the hair loss issues in females. The reasons include:-

    • anemia
    • low estrogen levels
    • menopause
    • other infections or disorders.

    What is PCOS?

    Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is explained as a hormonal imbalance that is commonly observed among teenage girls and young females these days. Women who suffer from PCOS may observe excess male hormone levels or irregular menstruations.

    In this PCO disorder, one of the hormones which are called DHT gets converted from testosterone and blocks the hair follicles which hampers the natural growth of hair. PCOS hair loss adopts the male baldness pattern because of the excess production of male hormones in the female body. As a result, females start experiencing excess hair loss from the front area of your scalp. Some of the best and well-renowned hair transplant clinics can help you in sorting this hair loss issues. In certain cases, hair transplant surgery is considered to be the best option for treating baldness.

    Prevention and Treatment:-

    Change in the lifestyle and diet can significantly help females in tackling with PCOS hair loss:-

    • Consumption of a balanced, complete and organic diet which is fully enriched with proteins, vitamins, iron, and amino acids helps you to deal with PCOS hair loss.
    • Modulate your schedule of eating and sleeping because it gives a huge contribution to your overall health and encourages hair growth.
    • If you are smoking and alcohol addictive then you should avoid it as it not only hampers your overall growth but also discourages your hair growth.
    • Obesity is one of the main causes of PCOS in females. So you should perform exercises and yoga regularly because it not only solves the problem of PCOs but also regulates cortisol levels which is mandatory to prevent hair loss issues.
    • You should use high-quality shampoos and hair products or you should use the products which are prescribed by your hair specialist. Moreover, you should prefer smooth comb to brush your wet hairs and prohibit the use of dryers, straighteners and heating appliances as it makes your hair dry, weak and gradually it breaks.