Hair Loss Solution During Chemo Treatment

Hair Loss Solution During Chemo Treatment

    Hair loss is often triggered due to some medications.While other reasons may be responsible, medications can also be blamed for hair loss problems. Cancer medications specifically trigger a lot of hair loss. So you can expect the loss of hair after you undergo cancer treatment.But we have got some good news for you. It comes back in most of the cases. A lot can be done to undertake a proper hair loss treatment. Here is s what you can do to diminish the chances of getting shocked by the hair loss or decline in the quality of hair-

    1. Seek information

    It is better that you discuss each and every aspect of your treatment with the doctor,including the aftermath. While some drugs may cause thinning, others might make it fall out in bunches. It will be better for you if you know what to expect.

    2. Apprise Your Family About The Later Developments

    Children often get scared or embarrassed due to your hair loss. Prepare them beforehand and you will get a better reaction from them.

    3. Be Gentle To Your Hair

    Stay away from shampoos with a strong perfume. Don’t indulge in styling and straightening of hair.Ditch the hair dryer in favor of a soft bristle brush.

    4.Sport A Shorter Hairstyle

    Short hair makes your hair look thicker as it doesn’t lie flat against your head. With short hair, You will have lesser hassles if you choose to wear a wig. If you choose to do away with all the hair, opt for an electric shaver or consider going to a barber. Don’t opt for plastic razors as they can cut the scalp.

    5. Pamper Your Skin

    Without hair, your scalp may become dry and itchy. It will be better if you get a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to tackle the problem. A gentle lotion massage will also be of great help in this condition.

    6. Watch The Way You Rest

    The way you relax will help in the way your hair grows back. Wear a soft turban around the head as it will help in collecting the loose hair falling out. Avoid braiding or tying your hair in a ponytail as their hair might get pulled out. The good old silk pillowcase will reduce the friction and help in retaining your hair.

    7. Cover Your Prized Possession

    Protect your hair with a scarf or a hat when you decide to go outdoors. If you settle for neither of the options, then wear a sunscreen on your scalp as Protection from sunburn is crucial for your hair.

    8. Go for artificial hair

    A wig is not a bad idea till your natural hair grows back. Shop for one before you start your treatment as it will be better to suit it with your natural hair.