Hair Patches & Extensions- Artificial Hair Restoration

Hair Patches & Extensions- Artificial Hair Restoration

    For covering their baldness people go for various treatments including surgical, non surgical and artificial hair restoration. According to requirement, budget and preference people go for the treatment few people also go for artificial hair restoration which includes the patches and extensions.

    Hair patches are the solution for the covering the patches on the scalp that are designed to cover the patches according to natural density, color choice and skin tone of candidate

    Hair extensions are the solutions for getting the hair according to the desired length of the hair. These extensions are weaved with the existing hair according to the desired hair style so that hair looks natural after procedure.

    These hair pieces are created according to the best fitted hair style for the patient and to be fitted on scalp to cover the baldness. Similarly as the skin patches these extensions are provided according to the hair loss, desired results, skin tone, texture and color of existing hair and most suitable hair style so that after treatment patient can have natural looking hair.

    Doctors provide the artificial hair restoration with the use of clips or cosmetic glue that are safe and do not cause any allergy. It is the instant result oriented way to get back your hair within few minutes. Patients can go for this treatment when they seek for the instant and safe results without any room for risks.

    Maintenance of these hair patches and extension is also normal as the normal hairs. These hair pieces can be washed, styled, trimmed and styled according to requirement.