Hair Shaft and Negative Happening to it!

Hair Shaft and Negative Happening to it!

    Our hairs go through a lot throughout their life. A real hair that is visible to us is a hair shaft that belongs to hair follicle. This follicle has internal and external cover that treats as hair shaft lining and these covers not just secure the hair even also define its shape.

    Hair follicle

    A hair follicle consists of two lumps, the upper layer is connected to sebaceous glands and lower is connected to muscle named as arrector pili. Medula and cortex define the hair color. Cuticle is the strongest hair pair that is made from dead cells that overlap each other. Moreover, cuticle is made of keratine protein that is also significant in nails and skin.

    A defect in hair can result into

    • Hair fall
    • Thinning hair line
    • Abnormal hair growth that troubles combing
    • Brittle hair

    Causes of hair defects

    • Hereditary problems
    • Accidents that cause injury in head
    • Extensive use of chemicals for example hair dyes, colors
    • Too much combing and hair styling
    • Unhealthy hair care
    • Pregnancy
    • Pattern baldness

    In order to overcome the hair loss problems, the proven solution is hair transplant that offers naturally looking hair.