Hair Transplant and Hair Cuts

Hair Transplant and Hair Cuts

    People are bound to ask many questions before undergoing a hair transplant. They are curious about how far they can go with their transplanted hair as far as haircuts and hair length are concerned. Some even ask about cutting the hair before the surgery. If you too feel curious about these aspects regarding the hair transplant surgery, then this post is just for you.

    Cutting hair before the transplant 

    Usually, all the clinics prescribe some trimming or shaving hair before surgery. Due to this reason, many patients fear that when they leave the clinic, many parts of their head will be buzzed down so they prefer a completely buzzed head before surgery. However, it is not a very wise decision as leaving some length helps the doctor in perceiving the amount and pattern of your hair loss. It will also help him in charting out an effective treatment plan. It will also help the patients in covering their stitches and staples immediately after surgery. It will lend significant help in camouflaging the surgery.

    Cutting hair after a transplant

    According to experts, it is recommended that they wait for 10 days after the surgery for cutting the hair. Ten days is enough for the grafts to fully anchor themselves and become permanent. A haircut after 10 days will pose no risk of dislodging or damaging the transplanted hair. Of course, the patient should ensure that stitches or staples should be removed before the hair cut. This will help avoid incidents of the clippers or scissors of hitting the healing wound while allowing the barber to clearly see the scalp area and trim the hair properly.

    The appropriate length the patients should have for the transplant

    Patients usually call up a few days before the transplant procedure, asking about the length of the hair as they are scheduled for a haircut. The doctor answers that they should leave it long. We have already mentioned the reasons for the same. Long hair will be suitable for both the doctor and the patient. It will help the doctor in determining the hair fall pattern and formulating the best treatment methodology. Well, the patient has enough benefits after he gets the transplant done. Long hair will help you in keeping the scalp concealed. It will help camouflage your surgery. Of course, you can trim it a little if it is too long but leaving it longer will give you better results!