Hair Transplant- Best Solution For Getting Younger Look

Hair Transplant- Best Solution For Getting Younger Look

    Hair loss is the severe problem among the people of all over the world due various reasons. Few countries like Nepal is having more statistics for this problem due to its climatic conditions. Nepal is tropical country having mixed weather condition so it may become reaso9n for hair loss in Nepal.

    Due to increase in baldness more and more people are opting hair transplant in Nepal due to its feasible results.

    Why hair transplant?

    Hair restoration with the surgical method has become the first priority for the people due to various following reasons

    • Natural and safe method

    It is safe method for resorting hair in natural way as while surgery hair follicles are extracted on the basis of their loss resistant property  and then selected hair follicles are extracted from the patient’s scalp are cultivated in bald portion that grow in the natural way. This method is risk free as there is not any fear of any side effect or infection while transplantation however after surgery patient may feel soreness and redness in the scalp but it gets healed in 3-4 days.

    • permanent solution

    transplanted grafts get shed after 3-4 weeks of surgery due to trauma they bear while surgery but after that the hair grow naturally and remain for life time as selected on the basis of loss resistant.

    • painless and scar free

    The entire transplantation surgery is done under the local anesthesia so patient does not feel any pain or discomfort during surgery. Even the procedure does not cause scar due to use of advanced techniques and methods.

    • Desired younger look

    Patients can get their desired look after surgery as the surgeons restore the hair according to best suitable look to patient and desire of patient so that patient can get the desired younger look and hair style after surgery

    • Undetectable hair

    During surgery hair are transplanted while considering density, texture, color, distance, angle and direction of existing hair so after surgery hair look natural and difficult to distinguish even for hair stylist.

    • Less hair transplant cost in Nepal

    Cost is also one factor for increase in the demand of this method as in Nepal the cost of transplantation is lesser than other countries like UK, Australia, Canada and US.  Procedure has been made fir to the pocket with the use of advanced and cost effective techniques.