Hair Transplant – Cost, The FUE and FUT Technique and Recovery Period

Hair Transplant – Cost, The FUE and FUT Technique and Recovery Period

    The impact of the innovative technologies on modern hair transplant surgeries is such that they have become minimally invasive. The whole credit of making hair transplant successful goes to Satyam Hair Transplant because of whom the hair transplant in Punjab has not only become the safest but effective and the natural-looking results oriented. This hair restoration procedure is so economical that those who are having an annual income of less than 2 lakh per annum can undergo it without thinking about the results. But when it comes to your looks and self-esteem, then you should not think much about the cost.

    How much does a hair transplant cost in Ludhiana?

    There is no one-size-shoe-fit all approach concerned with the cost. The cost is distinctive for each of the hair loss patients as the following aspects of all the patients is significantly different:

      • The donor area of the patient (which is usually sides or the back of the scalp)
      • What is the intensity of the baldness to spread in the recipient zone?
      • What is the cause of hair loss?
      • Since how long has hair loss started to show its effects?
      • What is the age of the patient?
      • How many follow up sessions will be needed for accomplishing the procedure?

    Which kind of hair transplant procedure is most famous these days?

    Both FUE and FUT are the preferred kinds of hair transplant procedures. There are some similarities and differences in hair transplant procedures. Both the procedures include the extraction of the hair follicles from the donor area and once they are observed and separated in the lab, then these are transplanted in the recipient area. The intensity of the baldness and the dimensions covered by the hair loss determines how many sittings would be needed for the accomplishment of the procedure.

    The results experienced from both the procedures are the same but the recovery period of both the procedures is significantly different. In the case of FUT, it takes more time to get healed but as far as the FUE is concerned, it takes significantly less time to get healed.

    Both the procedures do present some sort of scarring that will go off on its own.

    Here are some of the tips which need to be followed for an effective recovery period:

      • Sleeping right

    Since sleeping is the time in which we spend so much of our time (6 to 10 hours), this period needs to be comfortable and we need to make sure that we have chosen the right posture for sleeping. It is advised not to sleep on the stomach. Rather the patient should sleep on the back by placing a pillow underneath the neck to make sure the blood flow to the scalp is not getting hindered in any way.

      • No compromise with the cleanliness

    For a few days after the surgery, you have to make sure that you are highly conscious about the cleaning aspects. Your bed sheets and pillowcases need to be infection-free. Make sure you are using each of them with the detergents so that there could be no allergen left which can make you suffer from the irritation of the scalp.

    To know more about the measures to be followed during the recovery period, please keep on reading our blogs.