Hair Transplant for women: Is it viable?

Hair Transplant for women: Is it viable?

    Hair transplantation has become a successful treatment option to deal with hair loss and balding problems. With technological advancement, this treatment option has become better which helps in making the ends results as the best. In this topic, we have discussed whether this option is viable for women.

    Hair transplant treatment has gained a lot of success in the past few years. No doubt, hair transplant surgery has gained success to get the best results with male pattern hair loss. Recent research has shown that women hair transplant has also gained success. If you are thinking about getting the treatment done but you are wondering about the effectiveness of the results then read the given details for better understanding.

    Ideal Candidates for hair transplant

    Given below are the point to keep in mind if the women are an ideal candidate for the surgery:

    • Age

    The female age should be 30 years and hair fall should be stable.

    • Lifestyle preferences

    It is very important for the person to live a healthy lifestyle like eating a balanced diet, do stress relaxation therapy, and follow an exercise regime. This will also help the person to recover smoothly and lower the chances of infection

    • Health condition

    The patient undergoing the surgery should be medically fit. The patient should inform the doctor if they are taking any medication for a long time.

    • Hair loss classification

    The hair loss condition and donor hair availability are important to get the desired results

    • Post-care routine

    The surgeon needs to follow a proper routine so that recovery goes smoothly.

    Who can get the treatment?

    Undergoing the surgery will benefit only 2 to 5 percent only.

    • Women facing hair fall due to traction alopecia can undergo the treatment.
    • Women can also undergo the treatment with alopecia marginalis condition.
    • Women who have undergone plastic surgery in the past and worried about the incision.
    • Women faced hair loss due to chemical burns, accidents, and burn victims can also get a hair transplant.

    What are the procedures?

    • Follicular Unit Extraction

    With FUE, the hair is extracted individually with a small punch. After that, the grafts are taken and transplanted to the problematic area. The grafts are placed in a zig-zag manner as it helps the hair growth to look natural.

    • Follicular Unit Transplantation

    With FUT, the strip of hair is taken from the scalp back and transplanted where hair growth is very less.

    Possible risk factors

    Some of the possible risk factors, although they are very rare.

    • An unnatural hair pattern
    • Infection
    • Scarring
    • Excessive bleeding
    • Dead Hair follicles

    Make sure that you consult the best doctor to get the best advice and support. So, make sure to search properly and get the best treatment plan.