Hair Transplant Journey of a Patient

Hair Transplant Journey of a Patient

    Hair transplant surgery is beneficial for hair loss because it gives the best results. If you are planning to get a hair transplant procedure, you must understand the journey of a hair transplant surgery. Here, in this article we are going to tell you about the hair transplant journey.

    Hair transplant surgery is beneficial for those who are suffering from excessive hair loss or baldness. No doubt, hair transplant give you the best and permanent results, but you need to wait for 12 months in order to get proper hair growth. If you are planning to go through hair transplantation procedure, then must read this article carefully because we are going to tell you about the hair transplantation journey of a patient.


    If you are residing out of Punjab or India as well, you can consult our doctor via call or at our website through the chat option. In this consultation, they discuss each and everything with the doctor so that he can suggest the right treatment option, and when is the right time to go through a surgical procedure.

    If he recommends you to get this treatment right now, then you must pack your bag to travel to Punjab. You must check the tickets on the internet and then select a suitable one for you. If you are wondering to know about hotel and clinic distance, then must talk to our staff member, they will surely give you the best suggestions.

    First Appointment

    This means you are going to visit a hair transplant clinic for the first time. In your first appointment, you can ask whatever you want to doctor, you can also get knowledge about transplant techniques as well. In addition to this, in this first meeting, your surgeon examines you properly so that he can find the reason behind your hair loss as well. After then he may recommend you something in order to stop hair fall. You can also ask him about the cost of transplantation procedure, well, the cost depends on various factors such as several hair grafts, bald area, experience & reputation of the surgeon, and so on.

    The Procedure

    The hair transplant procedure has two types of methods such as FUT and FUE, these both are valuable to get rid of hair loss. FUT is the conventional hair transplantation whereas, FUE is a completely new and advanced technique to treat hair loss. Your surgeon will tell, which method is suitable for you, but we personally recommend you go through FUE because of its mind-blowing results.

    The Follow Up

    After getting the hair transplantation procedure, you must follow all the instructions of your surgeon for faster recovery. Normally, you experience little discomfort and pain after the procedure, in this case, you must go with prescribed medications. In addition to this, you have to wait for one year if you want proper hair growth.