Hair Transplant Recovery Tips by Dr K.K. arora

Hair Transplant Recovery Tips by Dr K.K. arora

    The recovery period of hair transplantation should be taken with utmost care. Our doctor always suggests that you should follow his guidelines and the results will be the best. In this guide we will share the tips which our surgeon recommend the patients to follow after the surgery.

    Undergoing the treatment of hair transplant is the best way to get a new look. For this, it is essential that you take proper preventive measures so that the recovery process goes smoothly. Dr. K.K. Arora the most well-renowned surgeon for hair transplant surgery recommend that patients should follow the tips to see the best results. Here in this content, we are going to discuss the topmost tips given by our doctor.

    • Sleep in the Upright Position

    After the surgery, the patient should keep their head elevated. You should use at least to pillows while sleeping or if possible use a recliner chair to sleep in an elevated position. This way, the blood will flow to the scalp and it will reduce the swelling. Keep in mind the first week after the surgery is very crucial. The patient should not put their head down or even bend over. Following our doctor guidelines will speed up the hair transplant recovery.

    • Do not apply pressure to the grafts

    In case, you are experiencing swelling or bleeding after you wash the hair. Use a clean cloth and apply very light pressure on the affected areas for at least ten minutes. Do not dab the area as it increases the chances of infection and scabbing. Remember you should not pick at the scabs and give them time to heal on its own. So, you should not put too much pressure on the grafts.

    • Take the Medicines as prescribed by the doctor

    After the procedure, there is some type of scarring. That is why it is essential that you take the medications are prescribed by the surgeon. Taking the medications at the right time will reduce any irritation. Our doctor also recommends that you should not touch the scalp until it is completely healed.

    • Avoid doing over exercise

    For the first week after the surgery, the patient should not do any type of strenuous activity which increases the heart rate. This can include running, bike riding, heavy lifting, and playing tennis. These things should be kept in mind otherwise the hair follicles can move from where they are transplanted.

    • To Promote Healing Make Dietary Changes

    The recovery process of hair transplantation should also include making changes in the diet. When the wound is in the process of healing you should not consume spicy food. You should not drink alcohol, smoke, or take steroids as they increase the chances of bleeding.