Hair Transplant: The transition from a bald head  to a luscious mane

Hair Transplant: The transition from a bald head to a luscious mane

    Hair Transplant is the most opted technique these days to overcome the balding head problem. It definitely is the latest solution to the dilemma faced by people losing hair. While simple hair transplant uses the strip technique, the FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction) employs a different technique. Even in a balding person, there are certain areas such as the back and the sides which do not lose hair as quickly. FUE extracts hair follicles from these areas and transplants them onto the balding area. The results are more natural looking than the older technique.

    The Determiners

    Thinking of a hair transplant? Don’t just decide one fine day to go in for it. From the best time of the year to the optimum age, every factor is crucial. Plan it as meticulously as you would the annual family holiday. Take a quick glance at the following points to know the hows and whys:-

    • Age

    Sometimes teenagers mistake a maturing hairline for a preceding one and start panicking. No need of considering a transplant in such a condition. Don’t rush into one if you are below 29 as a maturing hairline is a natural part of growing up. You needn’t go for a procedure which you don’t require. On the other hand, it is not advisable to wait for an indefinitely long period. If you are over 29, and definitely balding, it will be good decision to hatch your plan while there is a substantial amount still left at the back and sides.

    • Time of the year

    As you will need to rest and recuperate, It will be better to go for it at the time of the year when you can avail a vacation. You will also need to avoid direct sun exposure or swimming for a period of 14 days. So, schedule it accordingly. Winter is a better option, but if you can’t help it, it’s best to protect your head with a cap.

    • Be in Expert Hands

    The most crucial factor, though still remains the physician who is carrying it out. Thoroughly research the patient’s feedback, and the reputation of the surgeon you are considering, any mistake on this front can make or mar your crowning glory.

    • The unlucky ones

    Since the procedure requires dense hair harvesting, if the person doesn’t have dense hair at the back and the sides, it is futile to expect that he can undergo the procedure. It is also not suitable to transplant hair from other parts of the body as it will look peculiar. A transplant from another person is also not a biologically viable solution as the hair so grafted will not be accepted by the immune system. Even if the patient takes immunosuppressants, it will lead to a surfeit of problems such as low immunity, Diarrhea, and decreased blood count.

    Wrap up words

    So, wisely consider the above-mentioned factors before getting your hair transplanted.