Hair Transplants – What Does the Future Have in Store?

Hair Transplants – What Does the Future Have in Store?

    Surgical way of hair restoration has come in field 60 years ago but since then it has taken many strides and in one form and another however the basic principle behind the transplantation remains same but it has been altered with advanced techniques to give natural and unbeatable results to patients.

    Standard grafting, and Micro-Mini grafting procedure

    In the late 1970’s people used to have hair transplantation with the standard grafting method in which grafts were used to be removed in the grouping of 20-30 and even the results were quite nasty as the grafts used to fell down soon after surgery.

    Then after few years’ standard micro and mini grafting techniques come into the line in which strip of hair bearing scalp has been made précised and surgeons started fetching the grafts in 1-4 of grouping instead of 20-30. This technique gave the new ray of hope to patients to get lesser invasive and more long durable results.

    FUE procedure

    With the new contributions in the field FUE surgery come in the priority list in which instead of removal of strip hair follicles are extracted individually so that undetectable results can be given to patients.

    During the FUE procedure, in one session surgeons extract 2000-3000 grafts individually from the donor area with the micro punches having diameter less than 1mm that leaves no linear scars and even cause no damage to tissue and scalp. Grafts extracted with follicular extraction method can be transplanted with the retained quality of follicles so this method is better option to have natural looking hair.

    NEOGRAFT FUE procedure

    FUE can give life changing results to hair loss patients but this method is quite time consuming due to extraction of grafts one by one. To make this procedure precise and prompting instead of manual extraction mechanical extraction has been done by the surgeons with the advanced techniques like NeoGraft.

    This advanced technique can not only make the extraction process speedy but also can improve the quality of extracted follicles, minimize pain and reduce the pain. Hence NeoGraft FUE procedure has given new heights to the hair transplant’s results

    ROBOTIC FUE procedure

    Robotic method is also revolutionary method that can detect the loss resistant and healthy follicles automatically and it’s in built micro punches extract the hair without damaging to tissues and scalp faster. Grafts transplanted after this procedure survive for lifetime due to retained quality and no damage to the roots while extraction.

    BIO FUE procedure

    Even it is possible to get faster results with the new techniques like BIO FUE and BIO DHT in which along with the normal FUE procedure concentrated cells are injected in scalp to stimulate the hair growth and improve the quality of both transplanted and existing hair. These enriched plasmas also boost the healing process of scalp so can give natural and safe results in lesser time but for entire life.