Home Remedies to Regrow Hair Naturally

Home Remedies to Regrow Hair Naturally

    It is said that the hair you have on your head is your pride and others envy. Long locks are the dream of every girl. On the other hand, hair loss causes the person to get into depression, and they even lose their self-esteem. But, then that is not the end of the journey. By taking control of some things, hair loss can be controlled.

    Let us first get to know some causes of hair fall/hair loss And then we will learn some tips on managing hair fall.

    What causes hair to be lost?


    All of us are familiar with the side effects of stress. It is the root cause of many ailments and diseases, hair loss also being one of them. In case you are suffering from stress for a long period of time, then you should do something about it, else the hair loss you face will be doubled up.


    Consuming Contraception pills or birth control pills are also to be blamed for hair loss. The chemicals present in them cause hair to thin, more so in families having hair loss as heredity. Many other reasons are having blood-thinning medicines, or Blood pressure medicines, getting into depression, arthritis.

    Hormonal Imbalance

    Post 30 years, women start having a hormonal imbalance which causes their hair to fall. This is mostly due to having DHT (dihydrotestosterone ) in excessive amounts.

    Tips for controlling hair fall

    Now that the causes are known to you, let us know about some tips for hair regrowth.


    You should choose the shampoo which best supports your hair. Don’t use those products which are enriched with chemicals. Another thing to keep in mind is not over washing your hair, or your hair will get more damaged.

    Diet and Exercise

    Take care of your diet if you want pretty locks like your favorite model. Fill up your platter with all the essential nutrients, and supplements and see the difference in your hair. Also, don’t forget about working out, it can be in the form of exercise or yoga or anything which suits you, you can do that.


    A good massage done helps in improving blood circulation and also is helpful in nourishing the roots. Massaging your head at least once a week will prove to be very helpful with your locks.