How does hair loss affects everyday life of women?

How does hair loss affects everyday life of women?

    Hair loss is not only experienced by men, but women also experience hair fall too much. If you are one of them, then you need to visit the doctor as soon as possible. Only he can treat you well according to the cause of hair fall. It also guides you on what type of things are beneficial for hair growth.

    Well, it is true that everyone loses hair every day almost the average of 50 to 100 hair strands. This is the part of the hair growth cycle, so there is no need to take tension if you are losing only 50 strands. In addition to this, people think only male experience hair fall but this is a misconception because women also suffering from hair loss. In this condition, they need to visit the hair transplant doctor, as this is the too heartbreaking condition.

    You may need to undergo a hair transplant procedure to get rid of hair fall problems. This is the best treatment option to treat hair fall in women. Well, first of all, you need to understand the causes of hair fall.

    Causes of hair loss in women

    No doubt, there are several reasons behind hair fall in women, but the main cause of hair fall is hereditary. Women usually experience hair fall due to genetic reasons, which means if their parents experience hair fall, then they will surely experience hair loss in life. This hereditary hair loss is caused due to the formation of the DHT hormone in the body.

    Well, ladies have a certain amount of male hormones called testosterone. This is the best hormone that is beneficial for hair growth, but due to certain factors, this hormone is converted into DHT such as dihydrotestosterone, which is responsible for hair fall as well as thinning in women.

    Apart from this, you may experience hair fall due to certain health conditions to include cancer and hypertension also. Moreover, several ladies are suffering from hair fall during and after the pregnancy period. This type of hair fall is known as postpartum hair fall, which is a type of temporary hair fall.

    Impact of hair fall on your health

    Well, this condition is too embarrassing and heartbreaking, which leads you to low confidence. Hair fall affects both mental and physical health as well, due to this, you stop going outside because you feel too low.

    How to cope with hair fall condition?

    • You must talk to your specialist to get the right treatment for your condition.
    • You need to avoid those things which lead to excessive hair fall such as hair styling products.
    • You have to stick to a healthy and balanced diet because this is the only way to keep your hair in good condition.