How Effective Are Therapies In Boosting Hair Growth?

How Effective Are Therapies In Boosting Hair Growth?

    PRP is a process which involves no surgery, a completely natural process for curing hair related issues. Patients own blood along with active growth factors are used to boosting hair growth.

    PRP Therapy is a completely natural, non-surgical medical procedure for treating hair loss or hair thinning. It works by using the patient’s own blood and the active growth factors in it to promote hair growth.

    How does PRP Work?

    The blood from the patient is obtained and separated to extract the platelets along with growth factor proteins, like epidermal growth factor, platelet-derived growth factor to name a few.

    The head is tripped through the electronic or mechanical needle so that the patient can get better soon.

    Post this the plasma kept in a jar is again injected in the head. Growth factors released from platelets minimise the hair loss, improve blood flow, and also help in encouraging new growth of cells.

    PRP is very good in keeping hair follicles in the growth phase, along with allowing hair to become long and thick, so that not only new growth is promoted but strengthening also takes place.

    How Effective Is PRP For Hair Loss?

    3 PRP injections must be given to the patient, after 4 weeks to see the change in hair density and also in thickness of hair. PRP also helps in rejuvenating skin and under eye circles.

    How Beneficial Is PRP?

    • Natural looking results
    • Very reasonably priced
    • Restores hair
    • No allergy caused since blood and everything is from own body.
    • Quick recovery
    • Safe to do, the patient remains at ease
    • Natural therapy
    • Can be operated within a short span of time


    Mesotherapy is a non-surgical method which is used for treating hair loss along with in promoting hair growth by injecting a liquid into the scalp.

    How Does Mesotherapy Work?

    • A combination of nutrient promoters, having vitamins, minerals, DHT blockers are inserted into the scalp so that they help the hair is growing and also in preventing hair loss.
    • It is inserted with the aid of an injection gun so that the patient does not have any pain.
    • It helps in increasing blood circulation to the weak hair follicles.
    • The treatment takes about 8 sessions, one session per week for 1 hour. Effects are visible by 6 the week Onwards.