How Hair Loss In Women Is Much Different Than Men

How Hair Loss In Women Is Much Different Than Men

    Both men and women experience the issue of hair loss. In this guide, we will understand what actually is the difference between hair loss in men and women.

    Waking up in the morning and seeing huge lumps of hair on the pillow is definitely a nightmare. On average, we all lose around 50 to 100 strands of hair which is normal. But, experiencing more than this means the hair loss problem is increasing.

    When we think about hair loss, we usually think about baldness. Moreover, both men and women face this problem. The problem actually comes in different forms and types. So it means, both men and women experience different pattern in which their hair fall.

    Hair Loss Pattern In Women

    In men, the problem is referred to as male pattern baldness. For women, the pattern is totally different. No doubt, it is true that women also lose hair in almost the same number but the reasons are different.

    • Women face the problem in their early 20s and 30s. But in the most common age when the problem started is around 45. By the age of 50, around 50% of women have already faced this problem.
    • In the case of women, the hair loss pattern throughout the scalp in an uneven manner. Usually, the women will notice the widening part is getting thin. In men, the problem starts by losing hair from the top of the scalp or from the sides.

    Additionally, the women get a bald patch as the hair starts losing from one spot which is due to androgenic alopecia.

    • Some women do not get hair restoration treatment because they are not properly aware of the methods and how they can provide benefit to them.
    • There are temporary reasons also for hair fall in women. If the women are pregnant, dealing with the stressful condition, undergoing any surgery, taking medication, or any other issue then also the problem gets triggered. ¬†This is why it is essential that you consult the doctor as they will let you know what exactly the problem you are facing.

    Is There Any Treatment Available?

    Women can also get benefit from hair restoration treatment as men get. If you are facing the problem then visit an experienced surgeon for hair loss treatment. They will let you know about the method and you can make your decision easily. You will definitely notice the improvement in hair growth because of hair transplant. This method is definitely the best as the results are natural and permanent also. Before that, if the problem has just started then the doctor will recommend you minoxidil so that hair loss issue can be reversed.

    Keep in mind, you should select the best surgeon as they will properly let you know about the problem you are facing.