How Swelling Can Be Reduced After Hair Transplant

How Swelling Can Be Reduced After Hair Transplant

    Although Hair transplant is the safe and risk free method of restoring the hair naturally for lifetime but still patients feel mild pain , soreness and redness in the scalp after surgery for 3-4 days.

    Ways for Dealing with Swelling

    • Patient must take the prescribed medicines by the surgeon to prevent any potential side effect.
    • These days surgeons are also very much concern about the matter to cope up with swelling after surgery so the experienced and specialized surgeons use anti inflammatory in one and other during and after the surgery for addressing this matter.
    • Even patients are recommended to avoid the heavy physical exercises or activities and sports for few days to avoid swelling in the scalp and even patients are asked to avoid leaning down or blowing nose for the same.
    • It is good to massage your forehead from the center to the sides as it will disperse the swelling but massage should not be on the scalp.
    • Cold compresses or the ice packs can give immediate effect to address the swelling issue but the cold compresses must not be used for the scalp it can be use for forehead and eyes
    • For the first week it is recommended to sleep in the slight up right position to prevent swelling with the support of soft pillows means you’re sleeping posture should be at the angle of 45 degree not flat to the bed.

    How to deal with excessive swelling

    It is quite common to have swelling maximum for week after surgery but if you are facing the problem in severity and having bleeding, pain and excess of swelling then it is always recommended to rush to your surgeon so that better treatment can be given