How to Prevent Shock Loss Post Hair Transplant Surgery

How to Prevent Shock Loss Post Hair Transplant Surgery

    Hair restoration surgery is the permanent and safe solution for the thinning top. During this surgical treatment patient can get head full of hair without any pain and scar it has become the prominent reason for the popularity of this surgical treatment.

    What is shock loss and what causes it?

    Patient’s own hair follicles are relocated from the donor site to the recipient site for giving the natural, dense and lifetime growing hair. Although this treatment has been claimed as the safe and result oriented but patients after surgery witness the shedding of transplanted hair after 3-4 weeks which is known as shock loss.

    Reason for this condition is basically the trauma which follicles bear during the treatment. It is temporary condition of hair shedding but patient feel stress when they witness their hair falling down even after the surgical treatment. Even use of instruments during the surgery, Lack of moisture and stress caused to follicles can be the reasons of this temporary shedding of follicles.

    It is quite unpredictable that up to what extent patient can have this loss post- op and even during this condition follicles get shed but the roots remain in hair and grow again but still there is need to prevent this condition.

    Prevention of shock loss

    1. Care during surgery

    Artistic skills and efficiency of surgeon can prevent this condition as SHTC preserve and store the hair follicles in platelet rich plasma solution that provide moisture, oxygen and nutrients to follicles even when these are outside body that prevent the grafts from getting dry so ensure their survival and even experienced surgeon ensures for the less trauma during the surgery that prevent this condition

    1. Care after surgery

    Our patients are provided with the special instructions like

    • To sleep with elevated position of head with the pillows for few days that ensures the circulation of blood in the scalp.