How Vitamins help in maintaining Hair Loss and Growth

How Vitamins help in maintaining Hair Loss and Growth

    Everyone desires to have a head full of dense and shining hairs. But due to different circumstances, our hairs fall and in some cases the hair loss is vigorous that causes you to go bald. Many different causes of hair loss include hereditary, lack of nutrition, abnormal hormone levels and unknown diseases. By taking diet that includes essential vitamins for hair growth, you can control the hair loss. Following is the list of vitamins that play a special role in limiting the hair fall and enhance their growth:

    1. Omega -3 and Omega- 6 – Present in fish oils, keep hair shafts nourished. Improve hair thickness and decrease inflammation as well as hair fall. Sources of omega fatty acids are salmon, egg yolk, walnut, zinc and hemp seeds
    2. Vitamin B- For the hair loss caused by chemical agents such as shampoo, heating and pollution, Biotin is significant. It is responsible for redevelopment of hair shafts that were damaged by different causes. Biotin improves the hair growth by the redevelopment of hair follicles.

    Vitamin B5 called as panthenol, performance of adrenal glands an assists in improving the hair growth. By using Vitamin B complex or Biotin and vitamin B5 and assists in hair loss control.

    Sources of Biotin and Vitamin B5 are: Beef, Chicken, Nuts, potatoes and vitamin C.

    1. Vitamin C: The free radicals with age destroy the cellular structure and are caused by aging. The vitamins are very strong antioxidants that relieve the oxidative stress of body and prevent hair fall. Intake of 500mg to 1000mg of vitamin C two times a day is recommended.

    Sources of vitamin C are oranges, kale, Broccoli, Kale, grapefruit, kiwi, Gooseberries, strawberries etc.

    There are different vitamins such as Vitamin D and Vitamin E that improve the overall growth of hairs.

    Inadequate nutrition is a major reason that causes lack of vitamins in body. Hair fall can be caused by various factors such as lack of nutrition, hereditary, medication, pregnancy, Anaemia, Thyroid, PCOS, wide weight loss and others. Intake of balanced diet and regular consumption of supplements can help in reversing hair loss and regrowth.

    Intake of vitamins in the sufficient amount helps in maintaining the hair growth by nourishing the scalp and reverses the hair loss. Our hairs experience different torments due to various factors so they need maintenance as well. With proper care and diet, you can maintain good hair length.