Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves undergoes a grueling hair transplant

Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves undergoes a grueling hair transplant

    Human Ken Doll Rodrigo has taken another body transformation surgery by having 3000 hair follicles and stem cells transplanted to his forehead. The star is ready to foot any cost when it comes to attaining the maximum level of beauty he desires.   

    In his interview, that was exclusive to MailOnline about his initiatives, the star revealed to the public about his main motive of replicating the Australian model “Jordan Barrett”. The love to become a youth and not an older youth, but a teenage boy has sent Alves to the extent of undergoing another cosmetic surgery to add on the 50 surgeries he has so far had in the past

    Human Ken Doll Rodrigo has now spent more than 400,000 pounds on his plastic surgeries and countless cosmetic procedures.

    Dr. John Kahen, in Beverly, who was tasked to transplant the hair follicles and the stem cells explained the lengthy procedure of extracting the hair follicles from one region to the hairline as a huge task. The procedure that lasted over 7 hours is aimed at restoring the fashion icon’s hairline to alter his facial appearance to that of Jordan Barrett.

    In his speech, Alves stressed that he doesn’t care about what others are going to say about his new looks as long as he has got what satisfies him. He also joked about a famous actor who underwent a hair transplant, but still wears wigs. The names were withheld. This leaves many to wait and see Human Ken Doll Rodrigo’s hair transplant results and his road to the desirable artificial looks.