If the dream became a reality, here is the cure (hair transplant)

If the dream became a reality, here is the cure (hair transplant)

    If it has happened, the next step is thinking about its best treatment. Hair loss could be normal at an older age, but these days it is fond of younger men and women. Some even lose their senses due to the unbearable effects hair loss causes them. Hair loss affects 70% of the men aged 50 and below making their hate themselves due to the loss of their beauty and confidence. This is the same on the women’s side since hair is a backbone to women

    Losing hair at an early age

    It is agonizing with many letting go of their favorite activities due to shame. Losing hair as early as 20 years could be a genetic problem or alopecia areata. Dealing with hair loss requires diagnosing the cause and using effective treatment.

    Many of the youngsters have had to use gels, Finasteride, Minoxidil, or injections to reduce the effects of hair loss at an early stage. This is quite a common habit, but when there is no change, the best solution is around the corner.

    Hair transplant

    A Hair transplant is a surgical procedure where hair follicles are removed from one side of the scalp and implanted into the holes made in the recipient area (bald). It is a high-tech procedure that even involves microscopes and specialized instruments to carry out the procedure effectively.

    The two types of hair transplant procedures have generated magnificent results for bald patients, raising the bar of hair transplant as a hair restoration technique.

    What will happen to you during the procedure?

    • The surgeon will administer local anesthesia after demarcating your scalp. Demarcation is to easily identify the areas that are affected from the fine areas
    • If it is FUE, the surgeon and a technician uses a micropunch to extract hair from the donor area and will keep it in a solution to preserve it for some time until the extraction procedure is finished. If it is an FUT hair transplant in India, a surgical blade will be used to remove a strip of hair from the back of the scalp. The wound is carefully sutured and the strip is dissected under a microscope to create individual follicles
    • The individual hair grafts will be meticulously fixed into the smaller incisions created in the bald region

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