Important Things To Know About Donor Areas

Important Things To Know About Donor Areas

    Hair transplant has become very popular with the passage of time so everyone is getting aware about various aspects of hair transplant. Even for the best results doctors took great concern for the prior diagnosis of the patient to bridge the gap between estimated and actual results.

    For the hair transplant there is great and major role is of the donor area from where the follicles for the transplantation are extracted.

    What is donor area?

    Donor area is the mainly part of scalp in which hairs are thick and resistant to hair loss generally these hairs are present in the back head and near to neck.  After the complete diagnosis of hair issues then this area is selected. Numbers of things are considered before the selection of donor area

    • Which part of scald is bald resistant and having sufficient hair that can be extracted for transplant?
    • What is laxity of scalp as if there is more lax scalp then wider strip of hair follicles can be extracted.
    • Size of the donor strip that is needed to cover baldness

    After considering all these things donor area is selected. However iif the person is not having strong donor area or there are not sufficient hairs then other parts of body can also be selected as the donor areas as pubic, shoulder, chest, beard and arms depending on the texture of hair and level of baldness.

    It is also considered that if donor hair follicles are taken from the body parts even then there are 100% chances of successful surgeries as the hair on these parts are less affected from testosterone  that causes hair loss.

    Even after the selection of donor areas there are number of precautions to be considered while surgery as firstly the extraction of follicles should be carefully so that there can be no damage to the actual tissues and even while extraction artistic skills should be there in surgeon so that scars can beas minimal as possible. Even these days surgeries are done pain and scars free with 100% safe and quality results.