Is androgenetic Alopecia Treatable?

Is androgenetic Alopecia Treatable?

    Hair loss problem affects many people of different age groups. This is true that it will improve their appearance and boost their confidence. One such condition is androgenetic alopecia, which is hair loss type. Read the given topic to understand the problem and know whether this condition is treatable.

    What is Androgenetic Alopecia?

    Alopecia is a medical term used for thinning or hair loss while androgenetic refers to the hair loss type. Sometimes people do not understand the reason for the hair loss as everyone had their characteristics and causes. Knowing the difference is essential to get the treatment. Androgenetic alopecia is a genetic condition. With this hair loss type, the patient faces the problem genetically and this is referred to as male pattern or female pattern baldness which means both men and women face the problem.

    Patients with androgenetic alopecia have sensitive follicles to androgens more specifically DHT. DHT is a male hormone derivative which is testosterone and in women, it is found at a low level. Those who are sensitive to DHT will get their hair follicles shrinked and new hair growth is prevented. Over time, the hair becomes thin and lead to hair loss.

    Are the symptoms the same?

    In every case, the patient faces the problem of at a different age. Along with that, the hair loss extent is also different in every case. However, the hair loss pattern in patients with androgenetic alopecia is predictable. Women who face this condition will have hair thinning all over the scalp. In the case of men, androgenetic alopecia condition results in a distinct pattern of baldness. It is essential to understand the problem in a better manner to consult the doctor as they diagnose and evaluate your condition.

    Treating the problem

    Although this condition does not affect a person’s health and treatment is not needed. But, getting the treatment is some cases is essential as getting an effect on the person’s appearance is not the best choice.

    Well, there are different treatment options that the patient can opt for. The ideal choice is to get hair transplant treatment which helps in effective regrowth of hair and it also looks natural. It is safe to say that this treatment option is effective and helps in dealing with hair loss. During the hair transplant surgery, the hair follicles are extracted from the donor’s hair and then transplanted where hair growth is very less. This help is distributing the hair follicles evenly and restoring the hair volume. Considering this treatment option is the best choice.

    Consulting the Doctor

    If you notice thin hair or receding hairline issue then you can visit us. Getting the treatment from our experienced and qualified surgeon will improve your confidence and look. To learn more schedule your appointment today only!