Is Exercising In Excess Another Reason For My Hair Loss?

Is Exercising In Excess Another Reason For My Hair Loss?

    Indulging in exercise is no doubt a very good thing for leading a healthy life. Exercise has many benefits managing weight, keeping you energized, activating the happy hormone and giving you a better sleep are just a few to state. But, when it has so many benefits, can it have any after effect also? Well! Yes. it does have an aftereffect. When you exercise excessively then it is sure to make you tired. Many people have been heard saying that since they exercise too much so their hair has also been started to fall and they have to resort to hair transplant to get their look back. How much truth is there is not known as yet? But let us know some causes of hair loss.

    Main Causes Of Hair Loss

    It is not necessary that whenever you have hair loss it will be permanent. It can be temporary also. Most of the time genetics are to be blamed for hair loss, and this kind of hair loss is permanent. Hair loss due to excessive exercise is temporary hair loss. Many sportsmen and athletes have this kind of hair loss. The reason is that they sweat a lot, have to do vigorous exercise, sometimes skip meals and do not take enough care of their hair. You can look after your hair by following the undermentioned tips:


    Many people in the urge to losing weight start dieting, along with doing exercising. They do not realize that not eating properly will have a bad effect on their hair besides being bad for their health. Your hair needs all the required vitamins and minerals in a good amount.  If you are not paying attention to your diet then surely you will suffer from hair loss.


    Being in stress for a long time can lead to major hair loss. Stress due to exercise or any other reason plays damage on hair.  you can reduce your exercise routine for 5 days a week, for half an hour.

    Taking care of hair
    • You should always take a shower after doing a workout. The reason is that sweat will build on your scalp if you avoid taking a shower. The build-up of sweat will lead to hair loss. Wash any sweaty caps or hats which you wear.
    • Do not make tight ponytails or braids. Making tight hairstyles can lead to hair loss.
    • Swimming is a great way to work out, but before and after using the pool make it a point to take a shower because the pool has chlorine and other chemicals which are very harmful to hair.