Is My Gym Supplements Cause Of My Hair Loss?

Is My Gym Supplements Cause Of My Hair Loss?

    Protein shakes have become very popular. The shakes are mostly drunk either before, during or post working out in the gym. Proteins are essential for the body to grow, it aids the muscles to cure after a workout. If the body does not get enough Proteins, then the muscles will not be able to heal as quickly as they should.

    People have Protein drinks because they give a high amount of protein easily and quickly after working out. The solid food takes a long time to get digested in the body while drinks are easily digested. Though they may be beneficial for all those who go to the gym for working out, is has been said that they affect the hair. The person who drinks it has hair loss. Let us get to know more about this in this post.

    Protein drinks

    Not all the supplements are taken cause problems like hair loss, but there are some add-on’s in the drinks which affect the hormones of the person who is having them. Some inorganic growth hormones are added to the Protein drinks which increases the amount of testosterone in the body.

    Hormonal changes

    The increased levels of testosterone which are caused due to inorganic growth hormones are slowly broken by the compound called 5- Alpha-reductase and further converted into a chemical called DHT. DHT is the main reason behind hair loss. The hair follicles begin to get damage and shorten the hair growth process. The hair follicles will reduce and die.

    How does Protein affect hair

    Though Protein drinks are related to hair loss, this is not due to Protein only. Protein which comes from food and other supplements will not always have the same effect as Protein drinks have and this is because they do not have the same add- on’s that actually cause hair loss.

    Hair loss treatment

    The best hair loss treatment is to avoid having Protein shakes for sometime, if hair loss is due to Protein shakes. The right protein shake can help with good hair. You can try drinking Protein Powder or organic shakes. It is also vital to have a balanced diet which has all the nutrients which are necessary for hair growth. In case still you are doubtful of drinking protein shakes or not, then you can speak to your doctor.