Is Over-Styling The Cause Of Your Hair Loss Or Baldness?

Is Over-Styling The Cause Of Your Hair Loss Or Baldness?

    However much we desire to grow and grow and grow more hair, you may find that in your case, you are losing and losing and losing more hair. Genes, stress, anemia, poor lifestyle, weather changes, over-styling among others, are the major causes of hair loss in women today.

    Grooming your hair in the best or comfort zone is ideal for hair growth, but there are various circumstances that can cause sudden hair loss.

    What does hair loss speak about your health?

    Depending on your age group, hair loss has a lot to speak about our prevailing health condition.

    Hair loss below the age of 20

    In this case, the spinning of the scalp, anemia, and genes, which lead to androgenetic alopecia are the main causes of hair loss. It is vital that you get a complete CBC (Complete Blood Count) test to ascertain the cause of your hair loss.

    Hair loss between 20 to 40

    Stress, poor styling methods, anemia, thyroid disease, among others, are the major causes of hair loss in this age group. Treating the major cause of your hair loss can help restore back your hair.

    Hair loss from 40 and above

    Age, also triggers hair thinning, which can culminate into hair fall. A proper diet and ascertaining other causes of hair loss can help reduce age-triggered hair loss.

    When it comes to styling

    The styling of hair is a habit that we all grow up with, especially the girls. Witnessing your hair grow is thrilling and fascinating making styling part of you.

    Now, the bad side of styling is initially silent until one observes the effects later. Poor and over-styling of hair in women aged 20 to 43 is one of the major causes of gradual hair loss. How to go about this;

    Check your hair products

    Some women believe that a variety of expensive hair products is an assurance to better and longer hair. This theory isn’t applicable to every individual. Some women have thin and soft hair and application of strong hair products automatically weakens the hair follicles making you prone to hair loss.

    It is best to know your hair anatomy before embarking on any hair product.

    2. Styling

    It is recommended that you change your hairstyle frequently to prevent hair loss. Try to style your hair while tying in front while indoors and tie it in a ponytail style in case moving out.

    3. Easy combing

    Many of us believe that the more pressure you exert on the hair while combing the neater it becomes. That is isn’t applicable to modern hair. Get a comb with fine edges to straighten your hair without pulling it out.

    Don’t strain the hair in case of any difficulty, but rather, use your fingers to correct the obstacle.

    4. Minoxidil or Finasteride

    These two hair loss treatments are open roads to reduce hair loss and promoting hair growth before you think of a hair transplant in Punjab. For effective tips, visit an advanced hair salon or a hair transplant centre to attain better information about the medications.