Is PRP Required Along With The Hair Transplant? What Are The Benefits?

Is PRP Required Along With The Hair Transplant? What Are The Benefits?

    The doctors who carry out the hair transplant in Punjab have shared their experience, “ The people who visit us for the initial consultation for undergoing the hair restoration procedures usually ask this question ‘ Will I need to undergo the PRP therapy?’ Then our customary answer to such a question is in the affirmation that surely they need to undergo the PRP sessions to make sure that for the preservation of the transplanted hair, it is necessary to undergo the PRP sessions.”

    Note: The total hair transplant cost in Ludhiana may vary depending upon whether you need the PRP sessions or not.

    We get astonished to hear-

    The patients who have visited various clinics as well when they were searching for the right kind of clinic for them, then the doctors who carry out the initial consultation used to put forth the reduced cost by saying that PRP is unnecessary in the patient’s case and so they have excluded the same.

    Please do not believe in such fraudsters

    PRP is extremely crucial for hair restoration procedures. The nourishment which the transplanted hair aims to get is provided by PRP therapy.

    But! But! But!

    Well, there is no particular answer that you should get the PRP or not after the hair transplant procedure. No doubt, be it PRP or hair transplant, both are effective whether combined or patients choose to get them alone.

    The above-mentioned information is generic. The facts may vary depending upon what your state is. The doctor, first of all, diagnoses your medical condition and based on that they assess whether your scalp will itself be able to nourish the transplanted hair.

    If you have some kind of medical issue and the required flow to the blood is getting obstructed, then PRP will be the solution.

    In that case, it would be completely adverse if you omit PRP therapy.

    Visit Our doctors for the right consultation

    We at Satyam Hair Transplant Clinic hired the best doctors, cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists who work in collaboration and frame the individualised treatment plan based on the diagnosis.

    So if you consider us for undergoing the result-oriented hair transplant, then be assured of getting the result-oriented treatment.

    We never charge our patients with irrelevant fees or cost packages. We suggest they take up what is necessary as per their condition.

    Happy Patients!

    Sonali Thakre

    I visited Satyam Hair Transplant a year ago to undergo the hair transplantation procedure. I got so satisfied and glad about the way they explained everything to their patients during the initial consultation that I asked them to schedule the procedure soon.

    The doctors did not hide the fact that I may need the PRP therapy since my blood vessels are not pumping the required blood to the scalp. I underwent the combined hair transplantation procedure which included both the hair transplant or the PRP.

    And the results were really surprising.

    Must say, if the patients want to undergo any kind of hair restoration procedure, then Satyam Hair Transplant Clinic should be their first choice.