Is Receding Hairline Related to Balding?

Is Receding Hairline Related to Balding?

    As we age, our hairline will automatically recede in both genders. In addition, this condition starts from our twenties due to hairstyling habits. Because of receding hairline youngsters assume that they will go bald one day. But this is not true because receding hairline and baldness both are different concepts.

    What is a mature hairline?

    The mature hairline is explained as juvenile hairline in which you experience losing hair around your temple or straight on the forehead. Additionally, this condition normally starts at the age of 17 and usually happen up to 29 or 30s. Many people combine or relate it with genetic hair loss but this is only the transformation of position. There is actually no link between genetic hair loss and mature hairline.

    Is there any link between genetic hair loss or receding hairline?

    No, not actually because genetic hair loss is common in thousands of people if their parents had this condition in their past. This condition actually leads to male pattern baldness, which does not have any link with receding hairline. This is the condition which can only be treated with the help of medical procedure such as hair transplant. Moreover, hair transplant surgery has two types such as FUT and FUE, these both give you better results in any situation.

    Is an individual going bald due to receding hairline?

    A recent study demonstrates that male pattern baldness is the common hair fall condition, which affects almost 70-80 percent of people these days. Furthermore, this condition happens due to excessive growth of male hormone named as dihydrotestosterone. This is the hormone which is responsible for the stimulation of hormones and hair growth as well. Because of this, you may experience male pattern baldness because this condition harms your hair follicles badly.

    Moreover, genetic factors play an important role in this type of condition and you may experience patchy bald spots or complete hair fall.

    Ways to treat receding hairline

    There are several ways to make your hairline thicker but you have to follow them as instructed by a doctor. These are hair transplantation, medicines, and hairstyling changes. Don’t stick to one hairstyle for a long time or avoid making tight hairstyle because these promote breakage or hair pulling. You should first visit us, we will examine your receding hairline and then suggest you exactly what to do because all these treatments work differently for different types of the hairline.