Is Shaving Head Necessary for hair transplant

Is Shaving Head Necessary for hair transplant

    Hair transplant is too famous among people because there is no such treatment option, which can give you desired results according to your hair loss condition. If you do not know anything about hair transplants then you have to read the given topic properly, because we are going to give you detailed information.

    If you are planning to get hair transplant surgery, then you have to know several things in advance, so that you can get the best results. A hair transplant is a surgical procedure, which is specially designed for those who are suffering from baldness, hair fall, or alopecia. You have to choose the hair transplantation method according to your hair fall condition.

    Several people ask us whether there is a need for a shaving head to get a hair transplantation procedure. Well not, there is no need to shave your head to get the hair transplantation procedure. To know the answer in detail, you have to understand Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Unit Extraction method. In this article, you will learn how the surgeon collects the hair grafts with these methods.

    FUT and FUE techniques of removing hair grafts.


    This is the traditional way to treat hair fall condition in both men and women. In this treatment, there is no need for shaving, because the team of specialists collects the small strip of hair from the back of the head as well as from sides of the scalp. In addition to this, the surgeon suggests the patient that you need to grow almost 2cm long hair on the donor area.


    If you are going to treat your hair fall with the help of the Follicular Unit Extraction method, then you need to go with shaving. Your specialist advises you to shave your head completely so that he can perform the surgery properly. In this procedure, the surgeon uses the instruments correctly, so that he can reduce the risk of damage to hair follicles which are going to be transplanted at the affected area.

    After shaving, it will help your surgeon to transplant the hair grafts more easily in the bald areas.

    You may not know that several clinics promote a Non-Shaven FUE procedure, which is additionally known as a Celebrity FUE Hair Transplant. Well, if you never shave your head, then the FUT hair transplant is beneficial for you.

    Apart from this, people who love to wear short hair must undergo FUE hair transplant method, because in this method surgeon collects a single hair from the back of the scalp for transplantation.

    Make sure, you must choose the best clinic as well as surgeon, so that you can get the right treatment on time, according to your hair loss condition.