Is There Any Natural Method To Grow Hair Naturally? Or This Is A Myth

Is There Any Natural Method To Grow Hair Naturally? Or This Is A Myth

    Hair loss is considered as the dent for self esteem in this personality freak era. To mend the dent and to get back their charming look back people go for various treatments and home remedies that can help them to get rid from the hair loss problem.

    There are various methods available that claim for the natural growth of hair like medicines, hair care products, therapies, home remedies like hair masks, nutrition’s and so on.

    In spite of the claims of above motioned methods it is hard to get the natural growth of hair as there are n number of reasons for hair loss and all these reasons cannot be eradicated with these methods so it is not more than a myth that hair can grown natural by the above methods.

    Is there any method for natural hair growth?

    Various hair treatments can arrest the hair loss up to great extent but to stimulate hair growth these methods could not get much success. Then it is important to think that is there any way to grow hair naturally after hair loss?

    Hair transplant is the solution for the above question although this is the surgical method but lead to natural growth of hair.

    This revolutionary method based on the principle that hair follicles after shifting from one part of head to the other part retain their qualities and grows for life time.

    In the transplant procedure healthy and loss resistant hair follicles are selected and then these selected hair follicles are removed individually with the FUE method then transplanted according to the required uniform coverage of hair in the bald portions.

    This entire procedure is of few hours performed under local anesthesia so it is painless; stitches free and scare free method that provide the dense and natural looking hair that grow for the rest of life.

    This method of hair restoration is simple and safe so the patient can get back to his work after 1-2 days without any difficulty and risk. Within the year of transplantation patient can have the actual growth of new hair that will be undetectable and even hard for the barber to distinguish between transplanted and existing hair.