Is there any Side-effects of hair transplant treatment: How to manage them?

Is there any Side-effects of hair transplant treatment: How to manage them?

    Hair transplant: Does it leave side effects? How to manage it?

    Hair transplant, a surgical and safe procedure based on an all-inventive approach, is getting attention among individuals dealing with hair loss. This hair loss treatment provides natural-looking and permanent hair growth.

    Now, the approach of doing surgery like extracting and transplanting hair grafts comes with a series of steps. And after undergoing a hair transplant, a few side effects come along the way. Whether you choose to get FUE or FUT, both approaches are safe.  

    A hair transplant is a safe and sound procedure for hair loss

    Patients planning to get hair transplant in Ludhiana need to understand that the surgery includes the use of anesthesia and micro-incisions. So, after the surgery, you have to take care of yourself.

    How to manage side effects after a hair transplant?

    Side-effect 1: Bleeding after hair transplant

    FUE hair transplant has a risk of bleeding for around two days to 2 weeks after surgery. The process of transplantation with incisions is the reason for the bleeding. But, when you plan to get treatment under the expertise of a board-certified surgeon, the chances of bleeding are reduced.

    Along with that, on the patient side, the following things you need to avoid:

    • Don’t take medications that make the blood thin
    • Don’t get involved in an activity that affects the transplanted grafts.

    Apart from these, don’t put excess pressure on yourself. So, don’t do any strenuous regime for the first 14 days.

    Side-effect 2: Infection after hair transplant

    Infection after a hair transplant is common. But, you have everything in your control to avoid it. Just make sure never to touch the scalp with dirty hands. Doing so quickly let the dirt get in touch with transplanted hair grafts. Patients should understand that being negligent affects results. So, make sure to take the best care of yourself after the surgery.

    Side-effect 3: Itching on the scalp

    Itchy scalp is the biggest problem after surgery. But it’s a sign that the body is healing and recording. But it would help if you controlled it to itch. Otherwise, the transplanted hair grafts get dislodged. At least for the first 4 to 14 days, you need to be extra cautious. So, it would be best if you did not itch the scalp. If itching get’s in excess, then consult a medical expert.

    Side-effect 4: Bruising around the head

    Do you notice bruising around the operated area after surgery? Well, that’s normal as surgery is done. So, you can expect some sensitivity and discomfort. The doctor will prescribe you some medications to reduce bruising. So, take them on time, and there’s no problem.

    Side-effect 5: Hair loss after surgery

    Hair loss after surgery? That might sound strange. But that’s normal. The hair loss happens because the scalp has been in surgical trauma. Before hair grows back again, you will see hair loss after 14 days of getting surgery.

    Do you have any doubts?

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