Is Typhoid Fever Responsible For Hair Loss Problem?

Is Typhoid Fever Responsible For Hair Loss Problem?

    What is Typhoid Fever?

    Typhoid is the bacterial infection that is commonly occurring in the blood stream and intestinal tract. Typhoid is caused by the ingestion of the bad food and contaminated food. This develops the close interaction with the infection. Common symptoms of the typhoid are a headache, abdominal pain, fever, diarrhea etc.


    Hair loss is often associated with the typhoid fever. Hair loss during the typhoid is the common thing and it cannot be preventable at the time of typhoid. Hair loss is natural at the time of typhoid.

    But hair growth is possible only if you consume the proper diet and give the proper hair care. Typhoid causes the telogen effluvium. This is the temporary break out of the normal hair cycle

    What is the reason for hair fall after typhoid?

    There are numbers of the reason of the hair fall after the typhoid treatment:

    At the time of the typhoid treatment, your doctor gives you the lots of the antibiotics. Antibiotics are essential to clear out the harmful bacteria from your intestine.

    Most of the persons are suffering from diarrhea, this means flushing out the all of the bacteria. By flushing out, you also lose essential nutrients that are vital for the growth of the hairs. So, hair fall is commonly occurring at the time.

    There may be the problem of the intestinal tract at the time of typhoid. This results in loosing of the essential vitamins like Biotin that are responsible for the hair growth and thickness of the hairs. It is recommended that you should consume the multivitamin tablet after typhoid. The best doctors of Satyam India. Will prescribed you automatically the multivitamin tablet after typhoid. It is essential to consult the doctor before taking any supplements after typhoid.

    How to improve the hair after the Typhoid treatment?

    Proper nutrition is essential after the typhoid treatment. This will be normal in just two or three months. You just consume the good food like eggs, fish, chicken soup etc. these will help to get better. As proper nutrition leads to the maximization of the hair growth.

    Don’t take any stress. Because stress is the major cause of the hair loss. You just chill and go for the holiday after the typhoid treatment. Your hairs will be grown in few months.

    If there is the relapse of the typhoid problem, then there may be chances of the hair loss. You must consult the doctors properly so that he can help you the properly regarding the hair loss problem. If you don’t care it properly, then you can consult the best hair transplant in India.

    For how long do you have to wait for the hair growth?

    A time period o 3 to 6 months is required to achieve the same hair growth after the hair loss. If your hair loss is not curable by taking the supplements. Then consult the best dermatologist of Satyam India for the best hair transplant in Punjab. Satyam India is the best hair transplant hospital and his name and fame in the different hair transplant surgeries. The surgeons of this hospital have long-term experience in this field.