Know Why Your Hair Don’t Stay On Your Head And What Are The Causes For The Same?

Know Why Your Hair Don’t Stay On Your Head And What Are The Causes For The Same?


    Male pattern baldness, commonly called androgenetic alopecia is common amongst 90% men, this is especially prevalent as men get salt and pepper hair. Ongoing thinning of hair ultimately leads to baldness. Hair loss starts from brows, with hairline beginning to withdraw which results in hair at the back also getting thinner.



    The first sign that anyone can come across is notable variation in hairline that can be seen with naked eyes, and especially in the pictures.

    Baldness starts with the hairline, with the delicately shrunken hairline, which has turned out into a v- shaped hairline. This starts growing from the brows after which hair start thinning and eventually incomplete hair loss.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that, the light also impacts the look of hairline. There are many people, I have come across whose hair look thin in very bright lights.

    If you are the conscious guys then you can easily take pictures of yourself after every few months in the same light to see your diminishing hairline. This will take a year or so, for you to be able to know if you are losing hair around hairline.

    It is quite normal to lose hair while taking a bath or while showering, brushing or combing. People lose up to 100 hairs per day (if we talk in terms of average. But, don’t get anxious right now. It is important to know that hair loss can be transitory and also that shedding a lot of hair for one or two days is nothing to get stressed about. The causes of hair loss are many, which we will read about in this post.


    • Stress, disease, pregnancy, child birth are all related to baldness. One of the weird causes of hair loss is ring worm, yes, ring worm is also a cause for hair loss.
    • Use of many different types of cosmetic s can also lead to hair loss. Some people love shampooing their hair, every other day, while keeping hair dirty is considered unhygienic; it is also the cause of hair loss. Along with this, coloring hair, dyeing hair, all lead to thinning of hair. Another cause is Making tight pony tails, or braids.
    • Having unhealthy food, can also cause drastic hair fall and hair loss.
    • Hair loss is said to be genetic also, it can come from both male and female side.
    • Hormones, like unbalanced levels of androgens, can cause major hair loss.



    This is a low – grade or disabling condition which results in a dappled hair loss, which means single bald patch or large scale hair loss in spots. A disabling or auto immune condition is one which starts all of a sudden, relapsing again.

    It starts as a single small flawless, bald circle or sometimes thinning which hairdresser may observe,

    The patches grow again in about 6 months without any cure.


    Androgenetic Alpoecia is a hair loss which occurs step by step, which brings about hair thinning to a clear state of mind.