A hairy body is not desired at all, especially in women of all ages. A smooth and toned skin gives a much bigger and favorable experience in the public whenever one walks on the streets. Too much hair, especially on the legs and the arms, will even lead you to throw off some clothes due to their exposure of the hairs on the body.

    Laser hair treatment in India is now the latest cosmetic procedure of removing unwanted hair from the different regions of the body. It is a clinical procedure that lasts for about 30 minutes to remove hair in the facial region and approximately 1 hour when the procedure is being done on the legs or the arms.

    Laser Hair Removal and how it works

    The procedure involves diagnosing, cleaning, scanning, and shaving of the region where the hair is to be removed. A laser is used to emit heat energy that penetrates into the skin to damage the hair follicles right from their roots. The amount of laser energy emitted depends on the type or amount of hair strands that have to be eliminated from the skin.

    The sessions and the type of laser treatment also depend on the number of hairs and their density. Normally, the treatment is done after a specified number of weeks commonly 3 or 4

    This treatment has proved to be effective for both men and women, but it is associated with numerous side-effects that are increased when the procedure falls in the hands of an inexperienced dermatologist.

    The common side-effects of Laser Hair Removal include;

    • Eye problems- Laser treatments have been booked for destroying and damaging patient’s eyes. In any case, eyes must be protected during the procedure
    • Tingling and numbness- patients who undergo this treatment experience these issues and at times they are accompanied by pain and itching
    • Burns- this commonly happens due to the heat used during the procedure. It also frequently happens in dark skinned people since the laser is quickly absorbed into the skin
    • This treatment may at times cause hyperpigmentation a situation where the skin darkens due to melanin stimulation
    • Hypopigmentation- it is where the skin loses its melanin due to the effect of the laser and the skin will, in turn, lighten up
    • Infections- it is a rare case, but can at times occur due to poor hygiene conditions in the clinic and at home.
    • Crusting
    • Scab formation

    Precautions for Laser Hair Removal

    • Anti-viral therapies can minimize the chances of side-effects in case one suffered from herpes
    • One should avoid any kind of drugs at least two days of the treatment
    • Limit the times you get exposed to the sun for at least 5 weeks before the treatment to avoid burns and scars after the laser hair treatment
    • Do not shave the body for a period of 3 weeks for the dermatologist to detect the level of hair growth
    • Avoid using numerous cosmetic lotion and creams
    • Stay away from bleaching skin products before the procedure

    A laser hair removal is capable of removing all hairs from your skin under an experienced dermatologist and proper precaution. You will take several years without witnessing hairs on your body and perhaps never.