Latest technology in hair transplant to deal with hair loss

Latest technology in hair transplant to deal with hair loss

    Don’t you wish to have healthy and strong hair?

    Well, everyone wishes the same irrespective of age or gender. But, the wish seems like a wish because of the sedentary lifestyle, increased pollution, and unhealthy eating habits. The individuals are struggling with bald spots or receding hairlines in their 30s. Indeed! Now that situation demands utmost attention. Medical science plays a significant role in transforming hair restoration treatment options through hair transplant in Punjab. With time, the demand for hair transplant has increased, considering how treatment works and how effectively the results are obtained.

    The latest hair transplant technology is making a difference in hair health

    We have all seen how effectively the hair transplant treatment has helped the patients see desired results with time. Moreover, the problem helped cover the bald spots and take down the stress of wearing wigs. Treatment of hair transplant in Amritsar has improved a lot over time.

    The hair transplant option is improving and better than nobody thought. And one of the latest technologies is SHI (Simultaneous Harvesting and Implantation). Let me share in detail about this option.

    What is SHI In hair transplant?

    Indeed! FUE and FUT’s work has amused everyone and helped the patients deal with hair loss. The process of extraction and transplantation under the expertise of board-certified cosmetic surgeons brings utmost ease. Keeping all that in mind, the option of SHI has gained the utmost attention. Additionally, the  hair transplant cost in Ludhiana depends upon the total number of hair grafts required and type of procedure performed.

    Under SHI, advanced hair equipment allows better control and offers precision during the treatment. As the name suggests simultaneously, it reduces the total time required to perform the surgery.

    Additionally, extraction and transplantation reduce the time when exposed to air. The procedure increases effectiveness at every step of the treatment. The hair restoration surgeon knows the precision and proper way to perform the surgery to reduce the time when hair grafts get exposed to the outside air.

    Did you know?

    The hair graft quality gets affected due to factors like:

    • Reduced water content

    • Excess handling by a large number of team

    • Not keeping the grafts at the right temperature

    Hair grafts need protection against any unwanted substance

    Most importantly, graft protection is crucial for the success of hair transplant. During surgery, the doctor ensures to keep it under a reliable solution and limits the time it’s out of the body. Most importantly, the doctor provides utmost conscience in all regards.

    Moreover, the latest technology limits graft breakage by all possible means. Following all the best possible measures brings a difference in the patient’s condition suffering from hair loss.

    Are you looking for advanced hair loss treatment?

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