Let’s Debunk Some Commonly Misunderstood Hair Loss Factors

Let’s Debunk Some Commonly Misunderstood Hair Loss Factors

    Waking up one morning only to find the mess your puppy has made in the living room is automatically different from hair loss. Baldness or hair loss is quite a progressive condition that commonly goes unnoticed by victims. In patients who are extremely busy and have no time to look at their hairlines, these usually end up bald within a year. Luckily for those who are more conscious about their appearance, they are able to embark on immediate treatment to control the hair loss issue.

    To help millions understand the true nature of hair loss, commonly misunderstood hair loss facts are directly corrected;

    Myth#1- Only Men go Bald!

    Certainly not, hundreds of women also go bald in case no effective treatment is used. Unlike men, women usually use wigs to cover their bald patches. In addition, women usually experience diffuse hair loss, unlike men who will automatically witness bald spots on their temple or crown regions. Studies also indicate that 45% of women experience noticeable hair loss before the age of 40.

    Myth#2- Baldness is Triggered by High Testosterone Levels.

    This is somehow true, but not entirely. All men have the testosterone hormone, but only due to some factors that an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase may convert testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that causes hair loss. Also, the sensitivity of your hair follicles to DHT will increase the rate of hair loss, especially at the temple and the crown region. High DHT levels are specifically blamed for hair loss in both males and females.

    Myth#3- Stress is the Major Cause of Hair Loss.

    Stress can indirectly cause hair loss, but more commonly, a condition called acute stress disorder can result in hair loss. This form of severe stress normally develops after a traumatic event like an accident, surgery, or death of a loved one. There are also forms of hair loss associated with stress and they include; trichotillomania, telogen effluvium, and alopecia areata. These forms of hair loss require no surgical interventions and hair is normally restored once a patient returns to normal.

    Myth#4- Wearing Hats Often Causes Hair Loss.

    Wearing the right hat won’t cause hair loss and in fact, a number of males wear hats to cover their balding spots. Wearing tight hats that can impose pressure on the hair follicles is associated with hair loss and specifically traction alopecia.

    Myth#5- Only Minoxidil Can Treat Hair Loss.

    Minoxidil is an FDA-approved medication for treating hair loss. The medication is used by both males and females and certainly has a higher success rate in restoring hair. However, there is an array of hair loss treatments such as Propecia (Finasteride), therapies (Platelet Rich Plasma, Mesotherapy, and laser hair therapy) to restore hair. Other surgical hair restoration approaches include FUT (Follicular Unit Extraction/ Strip Method) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) that directly involve harvesting hair follicles from the back of the scalp to the bald region.

    Myth#6- Exposing Your Hair to the Sun Will Cause Hair Loss.

    According to hair pros, exposing your hair to the sun doesn’t cause hair loss. However, you are required to take care of it with a good shampoo, conditioner, and ideal hair treatment products.