Let’s Talk About the Different Vitiligo Treatments

Let’s Talk About the Different Vitiligo Treatments

    Vitiligo is the chronic disorder and it is a constant epidermis problem. This occurs due to the de-pigmentation of the epidermis. This affects all the races and both of the sexes. This is the rare disease in which pigment cells of body dies or falls to function. This problem is recognized by the white patches on the skin. It is not the life threatening disease. There are around 1%of the population is affected with this problem throughout the globe.

    Types of Vitiligo:

    There are two types of the vitiligo.

    Non-segmental Vitiligo: In this problem, generalized localized patches will be seen. This patches may be appeared at any time of the life,

    Segmental Vitiligo: This appears in early part of the life. It spreads rapidly. The lesions will stop developing after one or two years of treatment and it continues to spread if it is untreated .There may be chances that it persists for the life


    1. Treatment by medication:

    There are four different types of the vitiligo medical treatments

    Steroids: In this medical aid, physicians refer corticosteroids in order to obtain the original color of the skin. Patients have to take the steroids for 3 to 4 months. After that, they will see the improvement. One should be aware that there should be numbers of side effects of the steroids.

    Immunomodulators: It is just like the steroids. This medicine is, preferred when vitiligo is caused by the autoimmune destruction of the melanocytes. Its effects are limited and it also increases the risk of the skin cancer if it is taken in excessive amount. So, it should be taken from the best vitiligo treatment in Punjab.

    Psoralen Photochemotherapy: In this technique, physician uses ultraviolet therapy and drugs to re-pigmentation of the skin. This treatment involves three weeks visit to the hospital. It is the long process.

    Di-pigmentation therapy: In this therapy, topical chemicals are used that bleach other normal colored parts of the body to match the color of the affected part. This treatment sometimes makes patient extremely sensitive to sunlight and sometimes cause face itchy. So this medicine will take from the renowned vitiligo treatment in India.

    2. Treatment by surgery:

    Surgery is preferable for those who are not satisfied with the medical therapy. Surgery involves the reattachment of the affected part and commonly known as skin grafting. If the transplanted skin is rejected by the body, then there may be chances of infection. If this successful, then there is no difference between your skin and the transplanted skin. Tattooing is also the part of the surgical treatment where the white patches are filled with special ink. This treatment is suitable for small white patches.

    3. Natural Treatment: Besides, both the treatment, there is also natural treatment like

    Exercise regularly.

    Don’t hold natural urges like vomiting, urination etc.

    Don’t take cold bath after heavy work or long walk

    Take balanced diet.

    Do not eat curd, salt , mushrooms, meat, prawn bamboo shoots etc.