Love Island’s Alex Beattie Hirsutes You, SIR, revelation about hair transplant

Love Island’s Alex Beattie Hirsutes You, SIR, revelation about hair transplant

    The reality star “Alex Beattie” came out recently to disclose the fact that he secretly underwent a hair transplant after receiving advice from Jake Quickenden. The 22-year-old reality star was fed up with the numerous harsh words he had to bear due to his over-size forehead. Alex’s receding hairline was attributed to the genetic factors that are hardly contained when it comes to actual life.

    Alex explained that the decision wasn’t suddenly made as he had for long desired to restore his self-confidence and esteem due to the countless humiliations he had to deal with due to his forehead.

    “I was always picked on for having a large forehead and being skinny”. Alex also revealed that he managed to correct the body muscles and appearance, but failed to correct the hairline for the fact that it runs through the family and all the guys are like him. He went ahead to explain about having won numerous trophies after regaining a good body unlike for his forehead.

    Alex Beattie branded the hair transplant procedure painless after undergoing the advanced Follicular Unit Extraction procedure (FUE), where hair follicles were extracted with the help of a micropunch from the back of the scalp to the front region to alter the forehead.

    The star said that he found relief after ascertaining the fact that many people knew about the procedure and that Jake Quickenden advised him to go ahead with it. Elaborating the procedure, Alex said that the surgeon transplants hair follicles depending on the muscle in one’s forehead.