Low Cost Hair Cloning in India, Punjab, Ludhiana

Low Cost Hair Cloning in India, Punjab, Ludhiana

    Hair Cloning – The latest Medical Wonder for Hair Loss Problems

    The whole world is reeling under the effects of hair loss. The baldness and hair loss problems set in earlier than usual and an ever increasing number of people are in its clutches. As is with all the modern problems, science comes to our rescue. Science has made our life easier through many innovative inventions. Medical science has advanced beyond our expectations. It has succeeded in providing a solution to many problems. Infertility is one area which has benefitted largely from it. Another area which has seen great results is the problem of hair loss and balding. Hair transplant has revolutionized the way people sport their once bald heads. Both FUT and FUE techniques have gained worldwide popularity as hair transplant techniques. FUT is the traditional method which calls for extracting a strip of the scalp from the patient‘s hair and subsequent grafting of hair follicles.FUE is a more advanced and less invasive version of FUT. It applies a slightly different procedure of extracting hair follicles from the donor site of the patient. The plus point of this method is less inconvenience and the absence of a linear scar.  Further research and experiment have moved a step higher and we have some new techniques in the offing-

    1. Hair Cloning

    The concerned work is still in the pipeline but it might be the next popular hair restoration technique. It uses the extraction of healthy hair follicles. A total of 50 follicles might be extracted from the non-bald parts. These are preserved at very low temperatures (-80o C to -190oC ). These follicles will then be cloned and multiplied in a culture in a lab. The cells so produced will then be implanted on the bald areas of the head. They grow further into produce healthy hair. The technique is still in embryonic stages and it has legal issues attached to it. But if it succeeds to enter the medical treatment scene, it will be the best hair restoration technique around.

    1. PRP Treatment

    This technique is also gaining popularity. In this technique, the blood is extracted from the patient. The blood is centrifuged to obtain platelet-rich blood .It is injected into the scalp of the patient.

    1. Other solutions for baldness

    Some other techniques such as Minodixil solution may also be used for the same. Finasteride is another regrowth inducing oral medication. Of course, the laser technique is also an option that can be considered. The truth is that hair baldness and woes of hair loss may soon be things of the past, given the spectacular work being carried out by our scientists.