Major Causes of Hair Loss in Teenage Children

Major Causes of Hair Loss in Teenage Children

    The hair enhances the beauty of every human, be it a male of a female. Every person loves his/her hair and has a great attachment towards his hair. As a result, the loss of hair is unacceptable for all. The baldness tends to appear faster in men than women. Also, it has been noticed that aging men tend to lose their hair faster. But, the current trends reveal some alarming facts. According to the recent surveys, hair loss is rising at an escalating rate among teenagers.


    Various factors can be attributed to hair loss among adolescents which are mentioned below:

    1. Stress: the teenagers are facing a lot of stress these days. It can be pressure and burden to excel in studies. The children are under constant pressure from their parents, teachers as well as peers to score higher and higher grades in studies. This puts them under extreme stress due to which their hair starts falling early.

    2. Poor lifestyle: there is a huge variety of electronic devices available in the market which attracts teenagers to keep them entertained and busy. These latest technical gadgets have engrossed the teens so much so that they forget their sleep and face lack of sleep. Besides, technical equipment consumes a considerable portion of their brain too. As a result, they face hair fall.

    3. Less intake of nutritious diet: the teenagers are also very fond of junk food and fast food these days. This food is only good in taste and does not have any nutritious value. Also, consuming it on daily basis is not advisable for them. They even avoid eating home cooked food. With this, their hair does not get adequate nutrients and they tend to lose their hair.

    4. Fashion trends: the teens have become crazy towards fashion. They are trying new hairstyles, coloring their hair, using heating devices to style their hair. This makes them look cool and increases their popularity among their friends. But they do not realize that this leads to loss of moisture and strength of hair too causing hair loss.

    5. No oiling: earlier kids used to sit along their mothers and grandmothers on holidays for head massage. However, nowadays kids not giving conditioning to hair through oiling which restores and supplies moisture of hair and promotes hair growth. This is another major factor responsible for hair loss.

    6. Use of chemicals: there are various chemicals available in the market nowadays such as, hair gel and hair sprays among many others which are used prior to or post hair styling. These chemicals work against the hair health making them and damaging them to unimaginable levels.


    All this can be reciprocated with a good diet, healthy lifestyle and proper oiling. Hair transplantation at a young age can make the nerves of brain weak. But, it is never bad to consult a doctor for treating hair loss as he can guide regarding the proper diet and habits to improve hair growth and reduce hair fall.

    Hairfall is not a problem of the teenagers and thus, it must be eradicated at a very early stage to make them free from embarrassment and humiliation caused due to hair loss.