Need for Revision Hair Transplant

Need for Revision Hair Transplant

    Hair transplantation is revolutionary method that enables anyone who is suffering from hair loss, to look younger impressive and confident.

    Still the advancements are being introduced that have made possible to undergo this treatment even after one or two.

    Why revision hair transplantation

    There can be two conditions for the revision of this surgical treatment

    1. Want more grafts

    Some time patients got satisfactory hair treatment in first attempt but their satisfaction can lead to their craving for more effective results so they look for the more graft transplantation so they again go for this treatment.

    1. After first bad hair transplant

    However, surgeons claim for 100% successful and guaranteed results after the surgery but reality can be different as there are some seasonal surgeons that perform the poor quality treatment and lead to unsuccessful hair transplant. Victims of such surgeons seek for another treatment that can give them satisfactory results.

    How it is revised?

    Due to advanced methods it is possible to have again transplant after one good or bad one. For revisions surgeons have to work carefully as some time due to multiple procedures patients do not have sufficient donor hair then body hair transplant can be best method for restoring hair.

    Even some time after bad FUT procedure expected results can be difficult to achieve then surgeon discuses the possible success and failure of revises treatment and bad transplant surgeons choose appropriate method either FUT or FUE depending upon the condition of patient.