Now it’s Easy to Flaunt with Longer and Healthier Hair

Now it’s Easy to Flaunt with Longer and Healthier Hair

    In this personality freak world hairs are considered on the priority list to have an appealing look. In the pace of modern lifestyle having healthy hair is hard as this modern lifestyle is responsible up to great extent for the hair fall.

    Few changes in the lifestyle can give you healthier and longer hair

     Limit use of chemicals

    There are many methods that are proven as effective for hair growth but make sure that you do not have close friendship with harsh chemicals that damage your hair follicles. Avoid the excess use of the extreme heating tools and the chemicals on regular basis and say no to the use of brushes and styling combs that increase the breakage of hair. add bold teeth combs in your kit.

    Change your eating stuff

    Eating healthy is good for health and for hair. hair are formed with the tough protein called Keratin  that are made from the amino acids that can only be taken from the healthy diet such as eggs, meat and curd so add these protein enriched food in your daily diet for healthy hair. Avoid the intake of junk food on regular basis and the coffee in excess as these are not friendly with hair

    Proper hair wash

    Cleaning of hair and scalp is as necessary as eating good diet. But head wash must be in adequate manner as not much frequent otherwise it will wash away essential oils from hair. Wash your hair twice or thrice a week to keep them clean and choice of correct shampoo and conditioner can add advantage.

    Oil massage

    Hair also need nourishment time to time so at least once in a week before shampoo pamper your hair and give them treat of oil but in adequate amount otherwise it can make them greasy. 2-3 spoons of warm oil like coconut, olive oil or other herbal oil before the 1 hour of shampoo can give you better results.