PRP Therapy for Hair Restoration, What you must know about the Therapy

PRP Therapy for Hair Restoration, What you must know about the Therapy

    Also known as Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, is one of the nonsurgical hair restoration procedure performed worldwide. The PRP Therapy is one of the greatest breakthroughs in the hair restoration field apart from the hair transplant technique. The Therapy is an excellent way of regrowing hair, especially for those with minor thinning or less hair loss

    The Science behind PRP Therapy

    The human blood consists of many components, but platelets among them aid in proper healing of the body in the case of an injury.

    The action of the Platelets is an automatic response mechanism that takes place in the case of an accident, or damage on the body. The platelets lead to the formation of new cells.

    The PRP Therapy was traditionally used in the Orthopaedic sphere before it was introduced in the hair restoration field

    What is PRP Therapy in Hair Restoration and how does it work?

    PRP Therapy is an ideal option when it comes to eliminating hair loss.

    The therapy is just mere injections administered into the thinning region to restore hair in case a hair transplant is not desired or after a hair transplan.

    Your own blood is collected and introduced to the centrifugation mechanism under greater surveillance.

    Through the spinning process, the platelet rich plasma (PRP) is separated from the rest of the blood and it is kept aside

    This PRP is treated with other growth factors in the laboratory before it is introduced to the patient’s scalp to regrow hair under local anesthesia

    There are no chances of infections, side effects, since your own blood is used and sterilized instruments are used during PRP Therapy in India.

    The Idea behind PRP Therapy

    Since the human blood consists PRP which are the regenerative cells in the body, there are higher chances that the dormant or dead hair cells affected by DHT would be awakened to re-grow.

    PRP Therapy is known for boosting hair results even after hair transplants

    When is PRP Therapy Ideal?

    It is mostly recommended in the case of minor hair loss or thinning

    It can be performed with or after a hair transplant

    One should only visit modern and reputed hair transplant clinics or dermatologists for the PRP Therapy

    Consider getting PRP injections as recommended by the doctor to achieve desired results

    The PRP Therapy has no great impact in the case of extreme hair loss or baldness