Questions About Male Pattern Balding Answered by Dr K K Arora

Questions About Male Pattern Balding Answered by Dr K K Arora

    What is male pattern baldness?

    Male pattern baldness is explained as gradual thining on your scalp. This is the condition which is usually common in males. In addition, male pattern baldness is connected to a genetic factor, it means if your father experiences this condition in his life, then you are at greater risk of male pattern baldness.

    What are the reasons behind male pattern baldness?

    The main reason behind male pattern baldness is genetic. As we mentioned above your father or any other close relative experience this type of hair loss in his life then you will surely encounter this condition. Sometimes you can encounter a little amount of hair loss but sometimes it cannot be cured itself which only need medications or medical procedure.

    At what age male experience this male pattern baldness?

    Majority of males experience this male pattern baldness condition usually during their young age such as 20 to 30. Whereas millions of people encounter this condition at the age of 40 but this actually starts at the age of 20. Moreover, the hair loss is different for every person, some experience receding hairline and some may encounter patchy hair loss which leads to complete hair loss over time.

    Does female encounter pattern baldness condition?

    Yes, female also encounters pattern baldness which is known as female pattern baldness. They also experience this condition due to genetic or hereditary reasons. In addition, female pattern baldness cannot lead to complete hair loss and it can be cured with the hair loss treatment. They experience only receding hairline or hair thinning which can be easily treated with the medications and surgical procedures.

    What type of treatments are available for male pattern baldness?

    There are so many treatment options are available for male pattern baldness in which hair transplant is on the peak. Hair transplant has two types from which male pattern baldness is treated with strip harvesting method. Which is additionally known as Follicular Unit Strip method and totally contrary to FUE named as Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplantation method.

    Moreover, your surgeon may also suggest you Minoxidil or Finasteride solutions or tablets for hair growth. But these are a temporary solution for male pattern baldness and you will only go with hair transplantation because this is the medical procedure which gives you more natural looking hair with permanent results.