Reasons Why You Lose Hair During Menopause

Reasons Why You Lose Hair During Menopause

    Menopause is a natural life process which occurs in all women during their lifetime. At this point in time, the body passes through many physical transformations because it has to regulate to varying hormonal levels. Many women experience troublesome symptoms during this time, like mood swings, hot flashes, being sleepless and hair loss.

    Hair loss is more delicate in women than seen in men. Many women go through hair thinning rather than bald spots. The thinning can be seen on the front, top or sides of the head. Many times hair also falls out while taking a bath.

    Studies have shown that hair loss in women during menopause is because of hormonal imbalance, mainly due to low production of estrogen and progesterone. When their levels drop down, hair grows more slowly and also becomes much thinner. Androgens dwindle hair follicles, which result in hair loss.

    There are many more factors besides menopause which give rise to hair loss. These are stress levels shooting up, lack of proper diet to name some. The under mentioned things work for hair loss treatment:

    • Avoid Over Thinking

    It goes without saying that stress hampers our health in many ways. It interferes with the hormones also, thereby leading to hair loss. A reduction in estrogen production can impact your brain causing mood swings, and depression. This can be overcome by practicing yoga, breathing exercises. Doing work out on a regular basis can also help in reducing stress.

    • Healthy Diet

    Having a diet full of nutrients is essential for having healthy hair.

    • Water

    The body needs water, as much as anything else, for proper functioning. Drink enough water each day to get rid of diseases and also to stop hair fall.

    Hence you saw that following simple thing in life can bring about great changes in your body and hair. But, for many women, these things don’t work as much as a hair transplant does; hair transplant has proven to be a boost for many women. Let’s quickly take a peep on knowing a little about hair transplant:

    Hair transplant is surgery, used for moving hair with already having hair to no hair places on the head. This has been used by doctors for a long time, but it has changed through the course of time.

    Mostly the process takes place in a doctor’s office. The surgeon in the first place cleans your scalp and then injects medicine to insensate the area. Then your doctor will proceed to do any one of the following methods (according to your condition of hair loss).

    FUE Hair Transplant

    It is suited to many patients going through hair loss issues. The hair follicles are selected individually and then planted from the donor area to neck.

    FUT Hair Transplant

    Follicular unit transplant is the traditional method in which hair grafts are extracted in grouping means in the form of a strip from the back head. A strip of hair bear skin is dissected into a natural grouping of hair and then these loss resistant grafts are transplanted in the recipient area according to requirement.

    This is a traditional method, in which hair grafts are taken out in groups or strips from the back of the head.

    In The End

    Hence we have come to know that besides menopause hair loss can happen due to other reasons also, along with the simple things which work as hair loss treatment and not to forget the hair transplant also. So, choose whichever method is suited to you.